Thursday, July 13, 2006


At the hospital where I had Kelsey, they gave me a book to take home called Caring for Yourself & Your Baby at Home. It’s a book that they put together at the hospital and it’s filled with loads of wonderful information. There is even a section on abuse and the signs you should look for to know if someone is abusing your child. Here’s where it gets frightening. The book states “an estimated one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday.” One in four girls and one in six boys! Is anyone else as alarmed as I am by those figures? A Clinical Social Worker in the hospital’s Case Management Services department was responsible for the data in that section and she doesn’t state where she got her statistics. Can those figures really be that high? If so, that's heartbreaking.

Do you suppose that the freaks in this world who prey on children are becoming more common or their numbers remain the same and we are just more aware of them now? Regardless, let this serve as ample notice to anyone who attempts to sexually abuse my children. I reserve the right to severely injure, maim, or even kill anyone who touches my kids in a sexual manner. And when I’m done with you, my husband who holds black belt rank in several different styles of martial arts will take over.


Anonymous Krista said...

I think it is about right. I think that with more media (including internet) that are sexually explicit, and that when kids have been abused they sometimes abuse other kids (in an effort to gain some sort of empowerment) so the numbers are high. It is a sick world and we must all be so aware that our kids are not exposed to situations of abuse. With that being said, things can still happen, and that is tragic!

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