Monday, August 01, 2005

Why are people so stupid?

When I arrived at the daycare to drop my son off this morning, there was a sign on the door that read

Child Development Center staff.
Your now a 3 Star Center!"

You would think that someone who is in charge of a staff who teach young children would at least spell and grammar check her sign before she posted it for the world to see. But maybe that's just a stupid assumption on my part. I can only hope that DHS doesn't see the sign or they will probably yank their new 3 star rating...

(For some background here, our State DHS assigns ratings to licensed daycares. They must meet certain criteria to be given a 1, 2, or 3 star rating. The higher the star, the higher the standards of criteria. And I believe a 3 star center must be nationally accredited.)

Would it be completely mean if I wrote an anonymous letter to the director? Something like this perhaps?

First of all, CONGRADUATIONS is not a word. I think the word you were thinking of is "CONGRATULATIONS."
Secondly, it's not "your," it's "you're."
Your = possession (i.e. I like your shirt.)
You're = you are (i.e. You're a nice person.)

I know my grammar and spelling are far from perfect, but you can be sure that if my job was in the child development field, I'd at least make an effort to not look like an idiot.

Moving on

I would also like to say a personal THANK YOU to the City of Oklahoma City employee who picked up my garbage that was neatly sitting by the curb this morning and dumped half of it in the street and left it for me today. I realize that being a garbage man is a thankless job and you sacrifice and give to the good people of this city for nothing in return. You are an unsung hero. You're also a complete JACKASS, but an unsung hero nonetheless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your daycare is that careless with spelling, I wonder how careful they are with the children...

4:14 PM  

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