Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Following my bliss

Lookie here:

Pretty Mountain Colors weavers quarters in the Larkspur colorway. Gorgeous, no? I found it on my Ohio vacation and I've been waiting to show it off because I bought a birthday gift for KatyaR at the same place, but that's all revealed now so I can tell you the story behind my purchases. We were staying with relatives and being chauffeured around by relatives, so I didn't want to impose my yarn fetish on anyone even though I really wanted to check out some LYSs. And besides, it's not like I really NEED more yarn right now. So anyway, we all decide to go shopping at the Webster Street Market, which is this fabulous little place where they have basically two long, skinny warehouses and one is filled with antiques and such, while the other is full of farmer's market type items. My son was being all cranky and it was naptime so I was carrying him and doing the motherly swaying thing and trying to get him to go to sleep when I saw it. A yarn booth. A GOOD yarn booth! And there were signs posted everywhere that said "everything 20% off." It was as if the angels sang and a bright light shown down on the booth beckoning me, and I knew this discovery was no accident. I was SUPPOSED to shop for yarn. I unceremoniously dumped the boy into my mother's arms and stared in awe at my good fortune. So many beautiful items that I wanted to buy, but alas, my suitcase had limited space, so I just bought 2 items. However, I did manage to get a card from the lady, and it turns out she has a website (more heralding): JNJ Knit Wits. Go check out her selection. She's super nice.

So what did I do tonight? I wound that puppy into a pull skein and started this:

The only thing is the pattern called for size 2 needles, but this is worsted weight yarn, so the 2's just didn't do it for me. I threw caution to the wind and cast on with 5's.

And in case you were wondering...no, I haven't finished the baby cardigan, but I just couldn't deal with this tonight:

I'm in a bad mood and I needed to just knit something. Sue me.


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