Saturday, June 04, 2005

I like to move it move it

What a week! The Ohio trip was a great success and it was wonderful getting to see that side of my family again. The reason we went was for a surprise combined 60th birthday party for my aunt and uncle and I'm happy to report that they had no idea what their daughters were planning. It was just too cool. KatyaR was right in that I did doom my flights by telling the internet how good my child had been acting lately. I'm sure I speak for all the passengers on the planes by saying "Thank GOD that's over." If I am insane enough to ever attempt to fly with him again, I'm totally buying something to sedate him. One of the fun things we did while away though was take the kiddo to see his first cinema movie, Madagascar. It was cute - not the best I've seen, but definitely cute. But I've had an ear worm for a week now from the "I Like to Move It" song.

Here are some pictures from the trip. This is my cousin's service dog, Gentry. He's is without a doubt THE best dog on the planet. Truly. And I felt sorry for him because my son subjected him to MANY hours of hugs. But I never had to worry once that Gentry would bite him or growl or anything. See? He's THE best dog ever.

This is at the Great Miami Riverscape. They have an interactive fountain the the kiddos can run through and get all wet. My boy wasn't very brave, but he started having fun right before it was time to leave so he did get a little wet.

This is right outside the Dayton Dragons ballpark. Braden thought he could pick it up and take it with us.

One really fun part of my trip was when I sat down at the table one night and started knitting a new pair of socks and these 2 little boys that were over (my aunt and uncle were babysitting) were just fascinated. If I had to guess on their ages I'd say 8 and 5. They kept asking me questions about it (How long will it take? What's it going to look like? etc) and they would come back to the table periodically throughout the evening to see how much progress I'd made. I felt so honored that they thought it was cool. Here's what the socks look like right now:

I haven't finished the baby shower item I was making because I hit a slight snag. It's a set-in sleeve cardigan and it seems that I wasn't bright enough to make adjustments for the slightly different weight yarn I'm using than what pattern calls for. So the little arms were too small for the arm holes. I've fixed one of the sleeves and I'm in the process of fixing the other one. I went to the baby shower today with other gifts and told my friend I would get the other half of her gift to her as soon as I can stop being a dumbass. And speaking of dumbass, on the way to her shower this afternoon, I missed my exit and wound up on the freaking Turner Turnpike, where the first exit is 30 miles away! I can't make this shit up, people. I called from my cell phone (that was dying because I forgot to charge it, by the way) and said I'd be a little bit late. I finally arrived 45 minutes late! But everything worked out in the end and the shower was great. I got home tonight and thought I'd just relax in front of the TV. No. All regular programming was pre-empted by coverage of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Oh, and then I knocked a glass of merlot off the table and onto the brand new carpet. And my son who didn't have a nap at all today fell asleep around 7:30, which pretty much guarantees he will be up at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.


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Grape Radio did a story on wine disasters and talked about this product:

PS--Those socks are for me, aren't they? I LOVE those colors! :<))

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