Monday, May 02, 2005

I hate Mondays

I've got some bad news and some good news from this weekend. The bad news is my mom had to be hospitalized for an intestinal blockage, but as of this morning she is much better and may get to go home tomorrow without surgery. They gave her a nasogastric tube to attempt to suck the small intestine blockage up through her stomach and out her nose into a container. How gross is that? And just think, she was lying there in a hospital bed with a ginormous tube stuck in her nose watching bits of sh*t come out in the tube. People, I'm telling you, drink plenty of fluids so this doesn't happen to you. Go now and drink a big glass of water. I'll even wait while you do this.

And now that you're back, don't you feel better? So now for the good news. The kiddo used the big boy potty this weekend! Woohoo! I acted like it was his single greatest accomplishment to date with much cheering and clapping and praise. And he got the Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls I promised him. So now we will hit this potty training thing even harder and see if we can get some consistent usage of the potty. My boy is growing up. (Sniffle)

In other news of the weekend, my male cat killed a baby bunny in the backyard and brought it in the house in an attempt to show us what a mighty hunter he is. I was taking clothes out of the dryer when I heard "Mama, wook at the rabbit." I thought maybe he saw a bunny on TV so I took my time hanging up the clothes and then going to see what I was supposed to "wook at." When I saw the cat's dead little trophy, much freaking out ensued. The husband was summoned loudly to dispose of said trophy and the child was questioned as to whether he touched the trophy in any way. Hands were washed just in case and a bath followed (I promise it was bath time anyway) and all is well now.


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