Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What does Blue Candy mean?

Sometimes my son seems to find something to obsess about just to drive me crazy. For example, one morning we were in the car on the way to daycare and he dropped his toy car. He immediately notified me of this with a loud "Oh NO!" followed by several hundred "Car! Car! Car! Car! Car!" etc. And no amount of telling him, "Mommy can't get the car right now, she's driving" or "Ok, I'll get it in a minute" helps. He will continue to repeat the word over and over, often getting louder (so loud that the car radio will not drown him out) until you either a) give in and give him said object or b) scream and yell because he has driven you insane and you just can't take the stress of the chanting along with the stress of driving in rush hour traffic. He will never just give up and accept the fact that you can't provide the object even if you wanted to. No... And it's not only in the car. Sometimes he does the same thing at home. One day he wanted blue candy. We have no idea exactly what kind of candy he wanted, but he was adamant that we had blue candy. I offered gummy bears and chocolate, but they weren't the blue candy his little heart desired. And so blue candy has come to symbolize all the little things in life that I am clueless about and everything I cannot fix. And let me tell you, life is full of blue candy.


Anonymous Katya R said...

You're a philosopher! Hee!

Congratulations--how does it feel to be on the internets?

(PS--does this mean you bought a digital camera?)

10:23 AM  

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