Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today’s entry brought to you by Red Cup

Congratulations to my cousin Theresa for getting the good news yesterday that she is pregnant! Theresa, I know it's been a long, stressful journey getting to this point, but you're about to find out that was the easy part... (wink) I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

This morning I could have easily switched my blog’s name to Red Cup. I gave the boy a blue sippy cup of milk this morning. Halfway through his milk, he tells me to “take it drink.” “Take your drink?” “Yes, take it drink.” So I took his cup, waiting for what I’m sure would be something annoying and entertaining at the same time. He said, “Red.” “Red? Red what?” “RED!” This goes on for about 10 minutes with me telling him I don’t know what red means and he insisting that it’s something he must have. FINALLY he says “Red cup!” He wanted his Spiderman cup with the red top. I explained that he already had milk in his blue cup which he seemed fine with earlier, and that I was NOT going to dirty another sippy cup when there was nothing wrong with the blue one other than it wasn’t the one he wanted. And that’s precisely the moment my day went to hell. Why do I let this drive me crazy? I will leave you with a picture of his sweet little face, because it is the only that kept me from throwing him across the room this morning.


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