Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Coming soon to a blog near you: a new camera and hopefully Buzz Lightyear and Woody

I finally did it! I ordered a digital camera. Woohooo! I have been researching exactly what kind of camera to buy for MONTHS now. I'm not kidding - months. And after not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 spreadsheets later, I finally made my decision. And I guarantee you if there's a website out there that reviews cameras, I found it and read all about my potential digicams. Yes, my anal retentiveness has hit new heights. Who knew? I guess I've always had a hard time making decisions because I'm afraid I'll choose the wrong thing. I am a Libra, after all. In the end, I finally just picked one and the winner is (drumroll please) the Canon PowerShot A510. If you must see what it looks like, click HERE. Now I just have to be patient and wait for it to arrive. I will try to resist the urge to track my order ten times a day, but it will be hard. Now you see why my son has certain tendencies.

And speaking of the kiddo, one morning last week he yawned and said to me, "Mama, Braden's tired." Isn't that the cutest? Then on Sunday morning he said to me, "Mama, Braden's cold." So this is good - he's finally starting to verbalize a little better. Now we just have to work on the potty training, which is not going well at all. Sometimes he will have pee running down his little legs and not care a bit. (Now please don't think the pee running down his legs is due to any parental neglect. The kid's a peeing machine.) But we're trying and we even have a big-time reward for when he finally uses the potty at home. I hit the Disney Store sale a couple of weeks ago and they had some AMAZING deals. I got a Buzz Lightyear playtent for $12, and a Buzz and Woody doll twin-pack for $10. They are huge and Buzz even has all buttons to push and talks like in the movie. Oh, and they also had their long-sleeved pajamas for $3.99 a set. People, you can't even buy pajamas at Walmart for $3.99 a set, let alone ones with Disney characters on them. So anyway, we are ready for the potty training to commence. (If you have any ideas for us to try, please leave me a comment.)

I will not track my order ten times a day. I will not track my order ten times a day. I will not track my order ten times a day...


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Ten times a day--pfft!! I'm guessing at least 15!

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