Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some fun things to help pass the rainy days

I'm making good progress on the Mountain Colors socks and will hopefully get those finished by the weekend:

And what did I buy this past weekend? More sock yarn!

The bottom picture is Mountain Colors Barefoot, and the color is Mountain Twilight. I thought the Larkspur color of the current socks above was beautiful until I saw this and I was immediately tempted to cast Larkspur aside and cast on with these beautiful purples. My camera doesn't do it justice. Trust me, the colors are stunning.

I also bought a few more skeins of cashmerino (mmmmmm, cashmerino) and a few knitting tools, but I'm most excited about the new book by Lucinda Guy called Handknits for Kids: 25 Original Designs for Girls and Boys. The patterns are adorable and the designs are displayed very cleverly with illustrations. Take a look:

I plan on making one of those sweaters for the kiddo for Christmas, but I haven't decided which one yet. Aren't they adorable?

And speaking of adorable, here's a picture to remind me of when we had dry, sunny weather.

The really interesting thing to note is that ever since my husband contracted with a roofing company 2 weeks ago to have our roof completely redone, it has rained almost every day. We normally don't get this much rain until the State Fair opens in mid-September, but no - this year it came early. And since it has been raining, we haven't been able to swim either, which is very disappointing to a certain little person pictured above who now likes to jump in and paddle around the pool all by himself, thank you very much (with a life jacket on, of course). Somehow this is all my husband's fault.


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