Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Birthday surprise

Lookie here! Oklahoma finally got a lottery! We have been waiting for this for so long. Our governor's platform was that he wanted to have a lottery where the proceeds go solely to fund education. He was elected, and shortly after the people of Oklahoma voted on the issue. I'm not sure on the exact figures, but I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% in favor of the lottery. And now we finally have the first scratch-off tickets!

And what a coincidence that the day they chose to release the tickets should be the husband's birthday. So the tickets in this picture are part of his birthday present. We'll probably do more stuff at the weekend though. We're all about the weekends in this family. So if you live in Oklahoma (or you live close to Oklahoma and feel like taking a road trip), go buy some scratch-off tickets. Help us stick it in the faces of the legislators who voted against this and are still saying it will never work.


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