Thursday, May 17, 2007

Birthday girl

Can you believe it has been a year already? I certainly can’t. Miss Kelsey had a wonderful first birthday. We had a small party for her at our house and she seemed to really have a good time. Of course, I have pictures to show…

The cake pictures are my favorites!

I took pictures with both my film and digital cameras and was shocked to discover that I took 30 pictures of my daughter eating cake. Thirty. Three zero. Of nothing but her eating cake. At first I thought I might have some type of illness, some type of photo OCD, if you will. I think subconsciously I was trying to recreate this picture of my son’s first birthday.

And I got pretty close:

These two pictures are getting framed together and hung up on a wall somewhere in the house.

Kelsey impressed everyone at the party with her mad walking skills, and showed how to wave hello and goodbye. She surprised us by actually playing with the toys and not just the boxes or the tissue from the gift bags. But she really enjoyed the cake.

At her one year checkup she measured in the 25th percentile for height and was only 3rd percentile for weight (she weighed a whopping 17lbs, 5oz). I was a little worried at first because at her past checkups she was 25th percentile and then 10th, and now 3rd, but the doctor assured me she is fine. She still has plenty of fat on her and she doesn’t look too skinny, and as long as she continues to gain weight, we have nothing to worry about. She’s just petite. So when we are out shopping and strangers make comments like, “Oh my, she’s so tiny”, I will resist the urge to yell, “No, she’s PERFECT!”

She is entering a really fun stage and we are enjoying her so much more right now. She mimics us and interacts with us better, and she’s just so cute! One of my favorite things that she does right now is hug her stuffed animals. You can hand one to her and ask “Will you give your bear a hug?” She hugs it with her arms and even leans her head in close. It’s the cutest! She’s very cuddly and loving and I can’t believe I ever hoped she would be a boy.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We love you!