Monday, April 27, 2009

An update

Thanks to all of you for the prayers! My mother-in-law's surgery went very well. The doctor removed her kidney and the adjacent adrenal gland. He said that the cancer had definitely spread to the surrounding blood vessels so she is official stage 3 and there will be lots of future follow-up. If anything else starts to grow, they will attack it quickly and aggressively. He also said that chemo is not an option right now because they don't know where in the body the cancer will develop next. So it's basically a wait and see what happens, and we will continue to be hopeful.

And now I have to run so I can take cupcakes to daycare for my girl's 3rd birthday. Sigh... Three already.


Blogger Shan said...

I'm sorry I missed the last report Missy. I'm glad the surgery went well but I am sorry that they expect more cancer elsewhere. I'll certainly pray for her as well as you and Brent.

Happy birthday to the cutie pie!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Krista said...

I guess I haven't checked your blog in a while. A lot of posts I miss. Sorry!

10:15 AM  

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