Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Someone, please fumigate my house

Yesterday we found out both my husband and son have strep. I did my best to stay away from both of them last night, even so far as sleeping downstairs on the sofa. But unfortunately I couldn’t turn off the maternal mind-set and even though the boy was upstairs, I heard every cough, every time he got out of bed, and I heard him when he cried for me. His dad isn’t blessed with this mind-set and heard nothing. I will give him a break this time since he’s sick too, but he probably wouldn’t hear him under normal circumstances. I went upstairs and tried to wake him and tell him that his child was lying on the floor in the bathroom with his head next to a little pink puke bucket (God bless him, he doesn’t want to make a mess on the floor), but he mumbled something unintelligible and went right back to sleep. So I comforted the little guy and put him back to bed. And now I am tired. No sleep. When I talked to my husband this morning he apologized, but he said I need to stay away from them tonight and get a good night’s sleep. I tried to explain how I can’t NOT respond when my child is sick and crying for me (especially when his father doesn’t even wake up because he’s sick too), but he just doesn’t get it. And I’m just hoping and praying that I don’t get strep too because I can’t stay away. We’re not starting off the year on a very healthy note, are we?

Update on my cousin’s socks: I got the yarn and cast on for the Broadripple Socks on Knitty. I’m using Cascade Fixation in color 9490 Parfait, and it’s much more suited to my cousin. I noticed yesterday that the colors in my sock seem to be pooling, whereas the model in the pattern photo doesn’t. I checked my gauge. Aha, there’s the problem. Gauge is supposed to be 7 stitches per inch and I’m getting 9 because I knit too damn tightly. But despite that, I think the sock will still work because my cousin is so tiny. The pattern says it should fit a woman’s medium foot and I would say my cousin is a woman’s small so I’m just going to keep knitting and not worry about it. If it doesn't work, she can give them to her daughter and I'll eventually knit her another pair. And in the future I will work on relaxing a little bit while I knit and maybe I will actually get the gauge I’m supposed to. And speaking of gauge, I admitted something funny to someone the other day. You know how when you are looking at a pattern and it will give you the number of stitches per 4” or 10cm? Well, even though I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half and I have looked at oodles of patterns, it finally dawned on me that gauge is how much a woman dilates to have a baby. Maybe I came to this realization because I’m pregnant and I’ve had labor and delivery on my brain for a couple of months now, but now every time I read another pattern I’m like, “Holy CRAP! 10cm is NOT VERY BIG!!!” It’s not anywhere NEAR big enough to accommodate a baby’s head! No wonder having a baby is so painful. Thank God for epidurals.


Blogger KatyaR said...

DO NOT GET SICK!!! I'm not coming over there to play Florence Nightengale--although it is cute to watch the little Crackhead make sure he hits the bucket when he hurls.

Seriously, take care of yourself--Mozilla needs a well mommy!!

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