Friday, January 06, 2006

Confession time

I told a lie the other day. I was on the phone with my cousin and describing the various sock yarn in my stash and giving her color choices for a pair of socks. In my hands I had some nice Koigu that honestly, were the perfect colors for her: pale pastels in pink, purple and blue. But when she asked me if I had anything with pink in it, I suddenly realized how perfect the yarn would be for my baby girl. I could SEE my baby girl wearing something made from this yarn. And doesn’t my baby deserve Koigu? So I lied and said no. Will I go to hell for being a selfish yarn whore? I thought I found something my cousin might like out of the rest of my stash and I started a pair of socks for her, and then I realized today that these colors are just not right. So out of guilt I have decided to break my resolution about only knitting from my stash so I can buy something more suitable for my cousin. And then my buddy KatyaR emails me and tells me she will be going to Guthrie for a funeral and will be stopping by SWAK and wondered if I needed anything. So you see, it was fate. And now I will have 2 socks started and waiting on the needles while I make the pair for my cousin. Plus I want to make the kiddo a couple of pairs of socks for his birthday towards the end of February. This is so typical of me. I make grand plans about the things I want to accomplish and in the end, well, you can imagine how the story usually ends.

Perhaps it was karma, but the same night that I lied to my cousin, my husband said something very stupid to me. I was showing him how swaybacked I look right now with my big belly sticking out in front and showing him how it makes my GIANT ASS stick out even farther. He said “No, babe, your ass has always stuck out like that.” All I could manage was a stunned, “Well, you didn’t have to say it like THAT, you jackass!” Now, I should point out that I interrupted him while he was watching the end of the very exciting Rose Bowl game between Texas and USC, so he wasn’t thinking clearly. But that’s still no excuse. In fact, I’ll have to look but I’m pretty sure that’s in the rule book under the heading Things to Never Say to Your Significant Other (Even if They’re True). And you SURE don’t ever want to say that to someone who’s pregnant and hormonal. But then again, I did point it out to him. Karma...


Blogger KatyaR said...

I think you need to keep the payback for that comment for a time when you really, really need it . . . .

8:22 PM  

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